Evidence at Trial I

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Evidence at Trial I

In Evidence at Trial I, Herb Stern doesn't just tell you what to do (and what not to do), he shows you by using stop-action video demonstrations.  You'll learn how to move your exhibits into evidence with the greatest of ease and how to effectively object to your adversary's evidence.  You'll find Evidence at Trial I to be an indispensible training tool for your entire office.

Comparison of all Evidence courses: Evidence I and II cover how to present evidence at trial, how to get documents in or keep them out.  Evidence Exhibits and Experts covers the rules of evidence and how to use them to your advantage.

Click below description to view an excerpt from:  Trying Cases to Win, Evidence at Trial I that discusses the fencing off and how to avoid reading questions.

Key Points Covered:

  • How to lay a foundation
  • 901 and 104(a) of Federal Rules and admissibility
  • How to introduce photographs, books and records, conversations and tape recordings
  • Timing the offer of evidence to avoid voir dire
  • Motion to exclude witnesses under Rule 615
  • Rule 602: requiring personal knowledge
  • Rule 1003: duplicate original documents

Detailed Course Outline


How to lay a foundation
The two basic questions
901 and 401(a) of Federal Rules of Evidence
How to introduce photographs
How to introduce books and records under Rule 803(6)
Trial lawyer offers photograph
Trial lawyer handles preliminary objections
Transition questions
"could you" questions
Specific questions to get repetition and advocate on direct
Identification and offer of photograph
Voir Dire on the offer
Do not read question
Cross examination: doctrine of fencing off
Direct examination of witness
Objection to narrative answers
Only examiner my object "non responsive"
Trial laywer identifies and offers four photographs
voir dires on offer
Publishing photos to jury
How to introduce conversations
Two purposes of exhibits: To Corroborate, To prove
Time the offer to avoid voir dire
The strategy of voir dire
Keep exhibits at hand
How to read and show exhibits to the jury
Who should read exhibits
Identifying fungible exhibits
Introducing tape recordings
Attorneys contest the admissibility of a letter



Motion to exclude witnesses under Rule 615
Direct of witness
Cross-examination of witness
Rule 602 requires personal knowledge
Voir Dire on the offer of oral testimony
Attorney calls Miss O'Day
Direct exception to rule against hearsay
Rule 1003 duplicate original documents
Rule 406 Habit and custom
Conculding comments


Viewing Time: 1.5 hours

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