Jury Selection

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Jury Selection

In Jury Selection, you'll learn the pitfalls of being clever, charming or overpowering in the courtroom.  You'll be given specific guidance on what should be said in a jury's presence -- and what should not be said.  You'll also learn phrases and questions to use -- and to avoid.  Video clips of the voir dire from an actual tiral illustrate Stern's examples.

Click below description to view an excerpt from:  Trying Cases to Win, Jury Selection that discusses the 7 deadly sins of jury selection.

Key Points Covered:

       Stern highlights the Seven Deadly Sins of Jury Selection:

  • SIN #1:  Don't concentrate on humdrum details of juror's lives
  • SIN #2:  Don't collaborate unless you want to be identified with other parties
  • SIN #3:  Don't do tricks
  • SIN #4:  Don't give juror's too much information
  • SIN #5:  Don't hide behind burdens of proof or presumption on your favor
  • SIN #6:  Don't ask jurors to hold out
  • SIN #7:  Don't repeat yourself into oblivion

Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to picking the jury
Two purposes of voir dire
Put information into the juror
Sin#1: Don't concentrate on humdrum deatils of jurors lives
Have jurors talk about things they are proud of
Sin#2: Don't collaborate unless you want to be identified with other parties
Don't say co-counsel unless you want to collaborate
Sin#3: Do not do tricks
How to put information in
Sin#4: Do not try to put too much information into the juror
The magic words voir dire
Sin#5: Do not hide behind burdens of proof or presumption in your favor
Sin#6: Do not ask jurors to hold out
Put your case into a nutshell and craft one instruction
Sin#7: Do not repeat yourself into oblivion
Prepare your voir dire last
Video stop action of an actual voir dire
Voir Dire of 1st juror
Voir Dire of 2nd Juror
Voir Dire of 3rd juror
End of Video demonstration
Final comments


Viewing Time: 1.5 hours

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