Training DVDs by Herbert J. Stern

17th Aug 2009

Herbert J. Stern’s DVD Training Library

“Excellent in every respect.  Some of what Stern teaches runs so against (the) modern garbage we have been taught that it’s hard to accept.  It’s eye opening”

Mark Delk, Delk & Delk, Texas

Learn the best ways to argue your case through each stage of trial

Herbert J. Stern, nationally recognized trial lawyer and accomplished teacher of trial techniques, will show you how to win cases, with case-proven strategies and techniques.

In the Trying Cases to Win Video Series, Stern elaborates on the techniques he’s made famous as he shares his methods and strategies for trying cases to win.

This complete five-volume set includes:

  • The Basic Building Blocks (12 hours)
  • Evidence, Exhibits & Experts (6 hours)
  • Jury Selection (90 minutes)
  • Evidence at Trial (158 minutes)
  • Evidence at Trial II (93 minutes)
  • Trying the Civil Case (3.5 hours)
  • Advanced Course (6 hours)
  • The Masters Course (12 hours)